7 Reasons to Use Our Grain Roller Mills

by | Jul 29, 2020 | Roller Mills and Feed Systems

Effective supplementary feeding of concentrates is critical to the success of dairy farms

– Feeding Concentrates: Supplements for Dairy Cows, R Kellaway, T Harrington)

We have been designing, improving, manufacturing and distributing our grain roller mills for more than 20 years in NZ – built ground up to provide a heavy duty, efficient and high volume grain roller mill to meet the demand for more sophisticated feed options in the burgeoning NZ Dairy sector.

Cows have a limited ability to chew small cereal grain, with apparent digestibility of 14.4% for whole grain and 93% for rolled grain. Our Grain Roller Mill rolls the grain to a high standard, producing a large surface area for ease of digestion. If the grain is not rolled sufficiently or is hammer milled, a large portion will pass through undigested.

Our grain roller mill has adjustable tension springs, which provides the ability to produce a range of rolled or flattened grains at a rate of up to six tonnes per hour. The robustness afforded by 10-16mm steel construction and specially formulated cast iron wheels, means our mills have been installed as the engine of many high volume grain feed systems across the country.

  1. Our rollers fabricated from specially formulated cast iron making them more robust and much longer lasting
  2. Our mill features easily adjusted roller tension with large tension springs
  3. Our mill is sturdy and built to last, because that is what you need
  4. We have a large side hopper which allows you to add minerals to the mix with ease
  5. All moving parts can be oiled and greased with ease, making our mill extremely safe and easy to operate and maintain
  6. Parts are kept on hand, so should you need them we can courier them or we are available to replace them for you, resulting in much less downtime
  7. Our mill is energy efficient, and runs with little noise and dust generation

Learn more about our Roller Mills & Feed Systems or get in touch with us today about your grain rolling needs to see how we can help.

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