Bossman Fish Screens

Fish screens for water intakes - Bossman Fish Screens

Looking for a fish screen with no moving parts, is self cleaning and uses no power all while reducing fish mortality and meeting the new ECAN rules? Look no further.

Intakes for irrigation and stock water systems are habitats for a wide variety of fish. So naturally, local authorities, Irrigation New Zealand, the Department of Conservation, and Fish and Game New Zealand, are all very proactive in protecting and managing this valuable natural resource. Different rivers require different fish screens, so it’s important to take into consideration the fish inhabitants in the river and their life cycle, to ensure that the correct fish management and best farm practice initiatives are used. Combining the ever growing need to implement effective fish screening for both regulatory and compliance requirements, with the increasing need to have access to commercially used water (due to the increased demand from the shifting farming codes and the transition to farming practices in the rural area), bespoke fish screens on water intakes are becoming the accepted standard.

We understand a number of critical areas and key elements that need to be addressed in order to have effective and code compliant designed fish screening systems, including fish species, size range of the fish, movement of fish, water velocity, exposure time, opening sizes, escape routes and efficiency of screening. We have significant experience in this area and have devised a number of our own unique solutions for clients over the years.

We can provide you with:

✔ Bespoke design of the solution to best fit your needs
✔ Fabrication of fish screens
✔ Control of didymo
✔ Screen maintenance
✔ Design & development of rotary fish screens
✔ Servicing and support

And installation and support of:

✔ Stainless steel mesh divider frames
✔ Drive chains
✔ Continuous belts
✔ Gearboxes
✔ Hydraulic gates
✔ Padded fabrication