Short Run Manufacturing

Turn concepts into full engineering plans and manufacture as required

We provide practical support and solutions for new products in any business sector, or to any individual who needs specific engineering support. Our experience and capability allow us to provide practical solutions to enable you to undertake R&D projects more cost-effectively, through our integrated stepped process from proof of concept to prototype development.

We pride ourselves on offering you a full service from selecting the right materials, designing for manufacturing ability, modelling, FEA, problem solving right through to providing your solution in the most cost efficient manner. Our team enjoys the challenge of product development and taking your vision from an idea into a practical cost effective item, regardless of whether you need it to be a bespoke once off item or a product requiring mass productions runs.

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What Our Customers Say

“I had a tricky engineering problem to figure out with a machine modification, so took it out to Fred and the team and they quickly came up with an excellent solution, fixed the machine, and charged me less than I thought it would cost. Outstanding result!”

Roger Morgan

Managing Director, Readylawn Industries

Short Run Manufacturing

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