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At Bossman Engineering, we know how crucial it is that your stock are fed correctly, which is why we are committed to designing and installing accurate and efficient feed systems for dairy farming operations across New Zealand. Our grain systems are global leaders when it comes to providing innovative solutions for grain storage, handling and conditioning and coupling this with our exceptional after-sales service and support, has lead to us becoming a leading provider of grain storage systems within the New Zealand market.

Bossman Engineering supplies roller mill and feed system options that are solution driven for maximum results and have the support infrastructure that is critical to a time efficient, easily maintained grain feeding system. Our grain roller mills are designed, developed, and engineered to accommodate the uniqueness of NZ farming. Because our grain roller mill is New Zealand’s only locally made milling option, all parts and repairs are always only a phone call away.


Long lasting and hard wearing to increase your farm’s bottom line

✔  Reduce your: Animal health costs, labour costs, feed out costs and wastage

✔  Improve your: Animal health and fertility, labour efficiency, and feed accuracy and uptake


Why use our roller mills?

Our grain roller mill has adjustable tension springs, which provides the ability to produce a range of rolled or flattened grains at a rate of up to six tonnes per hour. The robustness afforded by 10-16mm steel construction and specially formulated cast iron wheels, means our mills have been installed as the engine of many high volume grain feed systems across the country. 

Talk to us about roller mills for crushing grain, storage silos, augers and conveyors, in shed feeding and mineral mixing.

Why Roll your Grain?

Getting the right sized grain which appeals to cows is critical as it is well known in dairy circles that crushed forage has a positive effect on their digestive process and leads to an increase in the protein content of the milk.

7 Reasons to Use Our Grain Roller Mills

Our roller mill was crafted from the ground up to provide a heavy duty, efficient and high volume grain roller mill to meet the demand for more sophisticated feed options in the NZ Dairy sector.

Rolled Grain for Feed
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What Our Farmers Say

“As a farmer, looking to improve the returns we get from our operation then obviously feed is a critical component of our overall success. From what I see on the farms I service, the Hampton mill consistently delivers thoroughly flattened kernels without any significant dust. Virtually no grain comes through in the dung and cows’ acceptance of the rolled feed is excellent. That puts it a step ahead of the competition.

As a consultant to the dairy industry across New Zealand, we know that our clients too have feed in their cross hairs and are looking to gain sustainable advantages. With the commodity prices in our favour, rolled cereal, and the ability to control the exactness of the crush, combined with the capability of producing up to 6 tonnes per hour is something that we need, given the increasing scale of our businesses, increasing demand for our product and our need to improve profitability.

I believe that there is a need for our industry to be better prepared for the future and getting better at improving feed system technology.”

Helwi Tacoma

Farmer and Consultant, Interlact

Roller Mills & Feed Systems

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