Pivot Boss – The Ultimate Pivot Track Filler

Pivot Boss for Hire or Sale

Pivot tracks are dangerous and expensive. Driving through a deep pivot track has been a life altering experience for many operators, causing expensive damage to machinery and excessive wear to the pivots themselves. Once the tracks get deep they are expensive to repair. The key is regular maintenance, to repair tracks before they get deep to minimize the material that is needed.

The Pivot Boss pivot track filler is a strong and reliable machine that drops material in to the track then levels it off to leave a flat level paddock behind. When not in use as a pivot track filler, the bin can be removed through the use of twist locks and a flat deck or tip deck can be attached to utilize the heavy duty chassis year round.

✔ Hire Period to Suit – Daily, weekly or monthly rates available.

✔ Easy to Use – Full hydraulic control from the tractor cab.

✔ Flexible – Purchaser can choose other attachments that twist lock onto the same chassis, great cost savings. Attachments include flat deck and tipper trailers.

Download the Bossman Pivot Boss Brochure, or get in touch with your requirements.

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